Sunday, July 25, 2010

18th Annual Cohen Classic

Waiting for a complete wrap-up of the Cohen Classic from Donna. (She gets her own page, you know.) Meanwhile, here is a recap:

There was a small showing of riders at this year's Cohen Classic; Lisa (the lone speedster), Sheldon, Jack, Donna, Tam and Kathy (on a 50 lb mountain bike). We started the day in a light fog, which kept the humidity high but the temperatures low. The new start at North Hampton Elementary School was perfect, as we picked up the Cohen Classic route at it's most scenic part. The ride north along the seacoast through Rye Beach, Odiorne Point, Newcastle and Portsmouth is one of the most scenic routes in New England. Absolutely gorgeous. The fog diffused the bright sun for most of the morning and didn't burn off until well after noon. Perfect.

Breakfast at Cafe Espresso was delicious as always. (Another great find by Donna). After breakfast, Tam and Kathy (on a 50 lb mountain bike) headed back to North Hampton while the others continued on towards Nubble Light (making the ride a bi-state). Speedy Lisa (who I'm sure missed some of the faster riders but was her awesome, sweet, smiling self and never said a word about the pace) rode ahead and discovered the route to Nubble was detoured and turned around to share the news. Heading back, Lisa scooted on to Hampton while the others were caught on the Maine side of the Portsmouth Bridge as it was being raised. Donna fixed a flat tire at this time and the three musketeers continued on to North Hampton to complete the 18th Annual Classic. A late lunch/early dinner followed at Not Your Average Joe's in Newburyport, turning the bi-state to a tri-state for D, T & S.) A fantastic Cohen Classic ride!


Ethan Forman said...

Nice work

Tam Cronin said...

Also, Jack was concerned about his unlocked bike, and decided to eat up front to watch the bikes while we were seated at a table in back. The waitress mentioned this to the manager, who happens to be a cyclist, and told Jack that he could bring his bike into the restaurant! How cool is that? He explained that he rides to work every day, along with many of his staff in the kitchen, and in the future we can park our bikes in the back where they do. He said it's perfectly safe back there and his staff sees everything out the window and can keep an eye on the bikes. Good to know!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

It was one of the coolest Cohen Classics to date. Better known for heat and humidity we really lucked out with a nice sea breeze and no real head wind. As Tammy mentioned 6 riders headed out from North Hampton Elementary School. Lisa, Donna, Sheldon, Jack, Tammy & Kathy who really was riding a 50 lb mountain bike, no exageration! Kathy pumped up her tires and Lisa reversed her front tire to get the odometer/speedometer going again and away we went. We hit the coast and headed north. We rode thru the morning fog. Made it to Wallis Sands before the official 8:00am opening. No signs of the monster jellyfish. The workers were nice enough to take group pics for us, even before 8:00am. Lisa rode ahead of the pack as a rabbit and discovered a man roasting a pig at Odiorne State Park. We chatted and he lifted up the lid for an official viewing. He was preparing it for an afternoon wedding. We made it to breakfast and enjoyed a nice meal at Cafe Espresso. The waitresses were very accommodating to us. From there Tammy & Kathy headed back. Kathy riding "the Beast". Lisa, Sheldon, Jack and I continued north. Before we hit the store a white van drove by us and I heard- Donna?! with a giggle. It was my friend Liz that lives in Nahant. Her parents live in Maine and she frequently visits. A few years ago the same thing happened. We continued north and waved and rang our bells at a pellaton of bright pink clad SeaCoast riders. Lisa made it up near Nubble Light but the bridge was closed and there was a detour. She looped back to let us know. At that point we all decided to turn back. No Nubble Light this year..... maybe next year. The Portsmouth Bridge went up as we approached. At that point I had a flat so we took the time to change it. Thanks for the help Jack & Sheldon! We made it back and Tammy was waiting for us. Thanks Tammy! Sheldon, Tammy and I enjoyed lunch at Not Your Average Joes in Newburyport making it a TriState ride. : )
Thank you to all who showed up to ride and kept the tradition going. It really is a beautiful route and a delicious breakfast. Next year-- two weeks before the PMC again.

Tam Cronin said...

Donna -- Will post your report to your Official Cohen Classic page too. I need to get photos from you too! I know you don't have internet access at home. Maybe you can stop by and down pics onto my computer? Let me know what's best. Gotta keep your page going! It goes back several years!