Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quick and Social to Boxford

An excellent Ride Report follows from Gail, who continued on to Boxford with the men while Donna, Joan and Tam enjoyed a short ride and breakfast at the Deport Diner!

"As the only one to break ranks with the women, I am very happy to report that "the guys" and I had a great ride. Our band of eight (Sheldon, Carl, Jack , Brian, Ethan, Mojito Dave, Paul Guertin, and yours truly) rode pretty much together all the way to Boxford where we enjoyed the usual excellent breakfast, complete with crispy home fries. (Where were you, Av?) Paul entertained us with his latest jokes throughout the morning.

Following breakfast, we organized into three groups. Ethan, Brian, and Dave rode directly back to Salem at high speed to be home for various family activities. Jack decided to venture to Ipswich for a longer ride. Carl, Sheldon, Paul, and I rode back to Salem the same way we rode up, at a more social (but steady) pace. And... are you ready for this? Those of us in the social pace group arrived back at the Roger Conant statue by around 10:00 am. Is this progress or what?!

So that's the scoop. We had beautiful weather, lots of shade to ride in, wonderful camaraderie, good food, and no flats. All in record time. It doesn't get better than this." --Gail


Tam Cronin said...

Photo by Ethan!

capecodmike said...

awesome! Miss the social rides with you all.