Monday, June 07, 2010

Memorial Service for Dave

Monday, June 7, 2010
2:00 pm
Old North Church, 35 Washington Street, Marblehead

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Ethan Forman said...

On Saturday morning, the week after Dave's last ride with the group to Gloucester, I just had to ride, despite the threat of thundershowers. I wanted to catch the group at breakfast at the Beverly Airport cafe, a place where we had ridden with Dave in the past.

When I got to the airport's long driveway, it began to thunder. I panicked and turned around thinking the rest of the group had stayed in bed. Luckily, fellow Cyclopath Bruce drove saw me heading the wrong way. He came up on me and he asked me where the "heck I was going?" He had saved me from a terrifying ride home and showed me how important it is to stick together, why it is so important to ride in a group, and I think that is what attracted Dave to our rides.