Friday, July 02, 2010

Holiday Weekend Ahead

The hot and sticky weather is expected to return during the later half of the holiday weekend. Get out and ride Saturday morning before the heat returns! Parades in Boxford and Manchester are scheduled for Sunday the 4th, so there won't be any parade traffic to wrestle with, no matter which route we take! Happy 4th of July! (In photo, Steve-Bob celebrates the holiday in red, white & blue style.)


Anonymous said...

looking forward to it, My vote would befor the boxford & the lost route. Remember your red, white & blue cheers drew

Bruce K said...

I'll look for you guys out there.

We are departing Manchester at 6:30 and the wenham firehouse on 1A at 7:00, heading through Baxford towards SMolak Farms, or at least that area.

Have a great holiday weekend.