Saturday, June 26, 2010

Depot Diner & Stone Soup, Ipswich

Sheldon sends along the following ride report from today's ride. (Photo taken by Arlene!) Sounds like a fantastic morning!

"A happy group of Cyclopaths hit the early morn road to the cleaners in N. Beverly. We split into short riding to the Depot Diner by Donna, Av and Bob H. and a long riding group to Ipswich. Arriving at Stone Soup were (in no order of appearance): Ethan, (who turned back immediately to prepare for the Sea Glass Ride), Mojito Dave, Carl, Margie, Arlene, Paul Guertin, Steve-Bob, Joan and Grand Rabbi Shelly. (Forgive if I inadvertently omitted any Cyclopath.) At Roger Conant, we offered a thanksgiving prayer for the delightful breezy day and wonderful companionship. We said prayers for good health to Sam and Manny. Steve-Bob was thanked for leading our group on the shortest, quickest and most scenic route. See you at our next colorful ride." -- S.B.

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Tam Cronin said...

Thank you, Sheldon!

Arlene has a photo for the blog on her cell phone. If anyone knows how to forward it from her phone to my email address, (or get it off her phone in general), let us know!