Saturday, May 15, 2010

Breakfast Ride to Boxford

Gorgeous day! 62 degrees and sunny! Waiting for a ride report from Boxford! (I saw from E's picture (sent by mobile phone) that Margie had her oatmeal... Carl his iced coffee... Ethan his Belgian waffle... Kathy an omelet... Paul a breakfast sandwich... (Did Arlene get a bagel with peanutbutter?)... You're all becoming predictable! :-)


Dave said...


I think you have the breakfast order just about correct. We went to the Boxford General Store (aka Wayne's) for breakfast, although Donna turned back at the cleaners (something about a field hockey coaches meeting) and Av and Michael K only made it as far as the Beverly Airport. Drew has a bad wrist, but she drove to meet us at breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to Bradley Palmer via Bare Hill Rd, and then home via Wenham, Cherry St, Rt 97, etc. Everybody (except Donna, Av and Michael) made it back to the statue in one group.

Conditions were just about perfect. It was rather windy late in the morning, but by then we were headed back to Salem with the wind at our backs.

Riders included Arlene, Kathy, Margie, Paul G, Carl, Gail, Ethan, Donna, Av, Michael and Dave (hope I didn't leave anybody out)

Hope to see you all next week.


Arlene said...

Yes, Arlene did get her bagel with peanut butter. It was delicious and we had a wonderful ride today.

Sprocket Girl said...

Sounds like it was a nice day for the group!

I will be riding next weekend, so I'll see you all in several days!

- Lynda

Kathy said...

Just wanted to say thanks for all the happy birthday wishes I received in person and on facebook. COOL!! Well the not so cool news is that sunday I was visiting a friend in Salem. I parked my car in front of Red's and when I went back to my car, my bike had been stolen out of the back seat. Yes, it was locked, but the car was not damaged. I went to my insurance agency this morning and my policy doesn't cover the theft. SO I guess I won't be riding for a long while, I'm flat broke, don't have a full time job and I had to get an apartment. I did report it to the police and the officer was really nice. He said he would check the "suspicious" neighborhood. I told him that 23 chestnut st is a good place to start!!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and singing at the Dry Cleaners. I was very limited with my time on Saturday. It was such a nice day I decided to opt for a short ride to the Cleaners and back. I made it out to Westboro for a field hockey coaches clinic at 10:30 am. Kathy--you are welcome to ride Old Navy. SORRY about your bike.
It was GREAT to see Chaplain Mike back on the bike! And Ethan joining the gang. Looks like good weather for Saturday!