Monday, May 03, 2010

No Drop List

Attention Cyclopaths! Do you bring your cell phone on your rides? Please send us your cell number if you wish to be included on a No Drop List. What's a No Drop List? It's when your group gets split up, you miss a rendezvous point, or the lead group gets so far ahead that they're not sure what's going on with the back of the pack. (Are they slow? Did they take a different turn? Someone have a flat? etc...) Several Cyclopaths have shared cell numbers already, but it's time to update the list! Email Tam at


Tam Cronin said...

I have numbers for Sheldon, Drew, Bruce, and Donna.

Anonymous said...

great idea : ) Looking forward to riding w/ the group on Sat.


Tam Cronin said...

Margie's idea! There was a communication breakdown with last Saturday's Bradley Palmer loopers.