Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Manchester and Gloucester! Riding up the coast to our favorite breakfast destinations were Av and Laurie on the tandem, Gail, Sheldon, Carl, Joan and Paul, Dave, Ethan, Mike K., Jack, Donna, and our returning ski bunnies Ellen(!), Lisa, and Drew! (Tam and the Cronin boys arrived by car, and Ben and Jeff were also spotted en route.) Breakfast was enjoyed at The Beach Street Cafe and The Morning Glory, where Lynda had the best fruit salad in town. Great day for a ride!

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Bruce said...

Sorry I missed seeing you guys. We were getting set for the Tour du Essex County at Seaside Cycles but probably a little after you were there (we had an 8:30 start).

Hopefully you'll all be at Sea Glass and we can ride together.