Monday, April 05, 2010

Profile of the Week - Tam Cronin

Nickname: Tam
Years with the Cyclopaths: 7
Claim to Fame: The jersey and the blog.
What bike do you ride?: Specialized Allez
Has Drew named your bike?: I believe she named it "Skye".
Favorite ride on the North Shore: Annisquam.
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Sugar Magnolia's first, followed by Mad Martha's, Plum Island!
Favorite bike food: Iced coffee to go
Favorite day on the bike? Every Saturday with the Cyclopaths, of course!
Most likely to say: "I need coffee first."
Least likely to say: "That hill was great! Let's do it again!"

Note: This concludes our winter "Profiles of the Week!" If you weren't included, please get in touch and I will send you the profile questionnaire again! -- Tam


Tam Cronin said...

I chose profiles randomly -- though occasionally there was a purpose behind my pick. (Birthdays!)

Dave Benua - 9/21 (New profile)
Mike Kelleher (sr. & jr.) - 9/29 ("Happy Feast of St. Michaels)
Sheldon Brown - 10/6 (Sent me an email to say hello)
Drew Nelson - 10/12 (Happy Birthday)
Lynda Beaulieu - 10/19 (Happy Birthday)
Gail Berger - 10/26 (Arranged breakfast)
Bruce Kapsten - 11/2 (Birthday)
The Hammers - 11/10 (Av emailed)
Ducky Higgins - 11/18 (Thinking of her flannel pants)
Dave Fionda - 11/22 (Happy Birthday)
Donna Cohen - 11/30 (Had a cold)
Ed Parish - 12/7 (Happy birthday)
Sam Zoll - 12/16 (Thinking of Sam)
Wally Kurz - 12/28 (Thinking of Wally, Florida Sr. Games)
Carl King - 1/6 (Best Buddies registration on horizon)
Jeff Brand - 1/12 (Thinking of Jeff)
Paul Geurtin - 1/20 (At the YMCA)
Kathy Beadle - 1/26 (Returned from trip west)
Ethan Forman - 2/1 (Happy Birthday)
Brenda White - 2/9 (Happy Birthday)
Ellen Gutermuth - 2/16 (Happy Birthday)
Mike Gutermuth - 2/22 (Thinking of CCM)
Lisa Hurley & Brian Bagley - 3/1 (Happy Anniversary)
Margie Detkin - 3/7 (Sent me an email)
Bob Munier - 3/10 (Looking up Emmaus dates)
Mike Bencal - 3/14 (Congrats, new grandfather!)
Manny Marques - 3/23 (Thinking of Manny)
Anne Cotelessa & Arlene Agree - 3/28 (Celebrating our MS Riders!)
Tammy Cronin - 4/5 (To finish us out)

Did I forget anyone??

PS -- NOT TOO LATE TO SEND ME YOUR PROFILE -- Bill C., Mojito Dave, Paul & Joan, Brian Carver, Bill Indresano, Sue R., Mike M., Ben Yellin, Pedal Pete, Florida Dave, Once-a-Year Meg... etc...

Send me an email at

Anonymous said...

Great Job Tam!!! 'Bout time you got profiled --- Mike B

Cyclopath-Donna said...

VERY NICE to see a pic and read about our multitalented Cyclopath-BlogMaster! You do an amazing job with this blog. And the blue & greenies are so wonderful there was a song written about them! Priceless! : )

Capecodmike said...

Miss you TAM! Sending Big NH hugs your way!
Your friend CCM