Saturday, April 03, 2010

Manchester Passover/Easter Ride

After a miserable start to the week, we had a glorious day for our annual Passover Ride! Gathering at the gazebo in Manchester for songs and matzah were Sheldon, Gail, Queen Kathy, Margie, Arlene, Ethan, Paul, Bob, Dave B., Steve-Bob, Lynda and Tam. (Sheldon brought the matzah and song sheets!) After much laughter and some out-of-tune singing, we headed over to the Beach Street Cafe for more food and coffee. A great tradition to welcome spring!

(Remember the year when Laurie, Barbara and Bill drove up to Manchester with food?!)


drsheldonbrown said...

An addional note: I counted 15 Cyclopaths. There were Sam and Manny in spirit and Guest of Honor, Elijah-the-Prophet. Sheldon

Bruce K said...

Sorry I missed it. I completely spaced out that this would be the Passover ride.

8 of us 4C's went up to Mad Martha's and back at a VERY brisk pace (and I thought the Passover season was a time for relaxation and reflection!).

Hopefully I'll get over to ride with you guys some Saturday to catch up.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the ride, had friends visiting and we ended up riding later in the day on Sat. Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend Cheers Drew