Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Frozen Four

It was a chilly day for a ride -- 42 degrees at the start with a wind chill dropping the temps into the 30's. Most of the Cyclopaths chose to stay warm and toasty at home while 4 crazy kids (Sheldon, Margie, Dave, and Tam) headed north seeking the warmth and comfort at the always fabulous Depot Diner. (Donna met us at the start to say hello!) The ride was short, the food was terrific, and we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast together. While bundling up to head out, (and inflating Margie's tires), we were surprised to see DUCKY and her husband, Richard, arrive at the diner for breakfast! It was sooo good to see her! After hugs, hellos, and goodbyes, Sheldon and Tam returned to Salem while Dave and Margie took a loop out through Wenham. A sunny, beautiful, but very cold day.


Tam Cronin said...

Brrrrrrrrr...... I'm STILL COLD!!! Thank you, Donna, for loaning me your gloves! I don't think I would have made it with frozen fingers.

Fun to see Ducky! What a surprise that was!

Thinking of Manny and Sam...

Bruce K said...

I guess I missed you guys at the bridge. The headwind put me about 10 minutes late.

I was hoping you were late too. 8^(

Unfortunately, I hung out there for a few minutes and then rode as fast as was safe to try the dry cleaners but missed you there as well.

I rode right by the Depot Diner but did not see any bikes so I kept on going up towards Hamilton and beyond.

We'll have to try another day.


Dave said...

After we left the diner, Margie and I went north on Dodge St to the Hamilton/Wenham station (by Hendersons). From there, we went south on 1A to the Wenham church and then down Cherry st and Cedar st to Rt. 97 (following the usual route behind the Cummings center and the Stop and Shop) back to the bridge.

We went by the parking lot, but we didn't check to see if you were back yet.

I should be there next weekend (weather permitting), but Margie will be away. Let's hope for some warmer weather in the coming weeks.

Bruce K said...

I am not sure how many Saturdays I will have to get together with you guys.

I am behind in mileage/training due to my Master's Degree program and trying to play catch-up with the rest of the Pinnacle Bikes Masters Team who were away this weekend at Tour of the Battenkill (NY).

I'll keep looking for a Saturday....

Arlene said...

Boy you guys are impressive!! Way too cold for me.

Cyclopath-Donna said...

I am with you Arlene! I woke up and heard 39 degrees announced on the radio and then heard windchill in the teens. That was enough to keep me off the bike this morning. I did stop by to say hello and send the brave ones on their way.
Hoping for a warmer day next Saturday.

Tam Cronin said...

It was way too cold for me too, Arlene, but DONNA said she was going to ride and I didn't want to wimp out on her and Sheldon. HA!

Bruce, I'm so sorry we missed you!! I remarked to Sheldon, as we were making our way over the bridge, that you might be waiting on the other side! When I didn't see you, I assumed it was too cold for you as you were FIGHTING a cold yesterday! I hope you're feeling better. You sounded really congested. :-(

Margie and Dave -- Hope you enjoyed the sunshine. When we returned to the parking lot, (9:15), I noticed the temperature was only a few degrees warmer than when we started. So cold. So cold.

Hoping for warmer temps next week!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

I believe my response was, and I quote:

"I'll be there if it is dry and not too cold/ windy. : ) "