Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Profile of the Week - Manny Marques

Year joined the Cyclopaths: 1988
Claim to fame: My "up hill" riding
Favorite ride on the North Shore: From Salem to Gloucester and Rockport, and back.
Favorite breakfast spot: The Morning Glory
What bikes do you ride? Lotus & Miele
Has Drew named your bike? No, but I call it "Old Nelly".
Brief cycling background: Started biking at age 9. Thanks to Sam, I can downshift.
What was your worst day on the bike? Riding with Sam Zoll from downtown Salem to Brothers Deli on a snowy morning.
Favorite day on the bike? From Salem to Rye Beach and back.
Favorite bike food: Plain bagel with water.
Most likely to say: "Make sure you downshift going up a hill".
Hidden talent: Marathon walking

Sending Manny our love and best wishes!

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