Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Profile of the (Mid) Week - Bob Munier

Nickname: “Steve-Bob”
Year you joined the Cyclopaths: 1990
Claim to Fame: Electronic, Acoustical Engineer Retired. Woodworker & Bike repair
Favorite ride on the North Shore: Seacoast
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Morning Glory
What bike do you ride? Trek 2300
Has Drew named your bike? Not that I'm aware of!
Brief cycling background: PMC 11 years, Emmaus 18 years
What was your worst day on the bike? No day on a bike is bad.
Favorite day on the bike? Every day except when you ride into a head wind and then turn around and ride back into a head wind.
Why do you ride the PMC and Emmaus Ride?Rode PMC for the challenge and to raise money for Cancer research. Ride Emmaus to help put homeless people back to being productive.

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Tam Cronin said...

If I'm going to get everyone posted before the season begins, I'm gonna have to start posting mid-week profiles! ;-) Just a few more to go....