Monday, February 01, 2010

Profile of the Week - Ethan Forman

Nicknames: Big E, E-Man
Year you joined the Cyclopaths: 2003 with Sue de Vries, thanks to Drew!
Claim to Fame: Found the group after it got lost in Boxford last year. (Everyone gets lost in Boxford, Tammy, so don't feel so bad.) Also, managed to wipe out Bruce and his lower back during a paceline out of Nubble Light a week before the PMC. After falling, and refusing to be transported, he sucked it up and rode another 44 miles and then rode the ole' PMC a week later. Way to go, Advil! Poor Bruce will never draft behind me again.
Favorite ride on the North Shore: Gloucester, with the loop around the point and then on to Rockport. That's a good workout. Second favorite is the trip to Plum Island, but Mad Martha's is kinda small. Third fave is the Donna Cohen Not-a-Memorial Cyclopath slaughter ride to Nubble Light, which has Cyclopaths wilting in the blistering sun, and walking across rickety bridges from one state to the next. Did I mention I took out Bruce during the ride in 2006?
Favorite Breakfast Spot: They've all melded into one, grease-soaked, carbohydrate and protein laden, hashbrown and bacon nightmare, from which I have to awake and ride another 30 miles.
What bike do you ride?: Trek MADONE 5.5 with Dura Ace components. Also, a 1984 frame Pinarello that was rebuilt in 2004. If you are not a Cyclopath and you are reading this for the first time, please don't steal my bikes over breakfast.
Has Drew named your bike?: Big Red, for the Madone and Rainbow for the multi-colored Pinarello.
Brief cycling background: Started riding seriously in 2003 to help Sue ride her first PMC. Rode my first PMC in 2004. I've since built a bike room in basement and pumped tens of thousand of dollars in Marblehead Cycle, where I've been banned for life for stalking the place with stupid questions.
What was your worst day on the bike? Did I mention I wiped Bruce out at Nubble Light. That actually turned out to be a great day because it was a learning experience. We survived, though Bruce's back will never be the same. The worst day was last year's PMC and the heat during which I wilted like Sam reading the bill after breakfast.
Favorite day on the bike? Every day.
What is your favorite bike food? These square little Jello shots I get at Marblehead cycle. They are full of caffeine goodness and they give me a boost.
Most likely to say: "HEY-O"
Least likely to say: "Let's turn back." (although I've said this from time to time.)

Something we don't know about you but should: If you haven't heard it all by now, a thousand times, then you have not been listening.


Tam Cronin said...

Happy Birthday to Ethan!!! (February 4th).

Hey, E-Man, when are you going to shave that beard you've been sporting lately?? Gonna hafta change your nickname to "mountain man" soon! (Hardly recognize you!)

Bruce K said...

You mean that was YOU who knocked me down?!?!? 8^)

That was just an s++t happens moment.

Next summer it's TTs for you big guy.


Tam Cronin said...

So.... how was the Dominican, Ethan? Hope you had a great birthday!