Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Profile of the Week - Paul Guertin

Nickname: Paul. Sometimes "Nitwit". (We like P. Giddy!)
Year you joined the Cyclopaths: 1990
Claim to Fame: I'm Susan's husband. She's famous you know. I just drive the car and keep my mouth shut.
Favorite ride on the North Shore: Gloucester-Rockport-Cape Ann and back.
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Twin Lights
What bike do you ride? My own. A Merlin.
Has Drew named your bike? Not yet
Brief cycling background: First you get on. Then you peddle--and--when you stop you must disengage at least one peddle or--over you go--everyone does it once. Have biked in France, England, Corsica, Nova Scotia, Virginia, California, Vt., NH., Mass. Chelsea, Salem, Marblehead, Swampscott and Beverly. We also did the Tour de Poop in Winthrop a couple of years ago. Plus the Pan Mass Challenge 12 times.
What was your worst day on the bike? Ass over ban buckle in Beverly when I knocked myself out and broke 3 ribs. Not Fun!! Don't do dat.
Favorite day on the bike? Every day I ride. No special outstanding day.
What is your favorite bike food? Couple of eggs over hard with FF and sausage or bacon. Gets my grease and cholesterol level back up. Gets kind of low from time to time. Kind of like my car. You gutta add oil every now and then.
Most likely to say: "Where the hell did they go?" When I'm late. Getting outta bed on Sat morn is harsh and abusive treatment. With the newsstand gone it can get very stressful. Can you do something about this?
Least likely to say: "Hey, I'm the first one here!"
Hidden talent: Washing my ears with one hand.

Is there a question I DIDN'T ask that you'd like to include?? Isn't the above enough?? One can only make a fool of oneself so many times. People will start to believe you really are a nitwit.

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