Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Profile of the Week - Carl King

Nickname: None
Year you joined the Cyclopaths: Cannot recall
Claim to Fame: Born in Punxsutawney, PA, Home of the Groundhog
Favorite ride on the North Shore: Gloucester
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Mad Martha's
What bike do you ride?: Litespeed
Brief cycling background: Since 1992.
What was your worst day on the bike? Lost in the rain in San Diego
Favorite day on the bike? 15 mile down hill in near Idaho border in Washington
What is your favorite bike food? Anchovy pizza

Carl starts his cycling season early, participating in the Best Buddies Hyannisport Challenge in early June. To join him and Seyfarth Shaw Team Katie in the 2010 challenge, drop him a line.


Carl said...

Sucking in the gut and sucking down the iced coffee!!!!

My invite to join Team Seyfartrh for the Best Buddies ride stands again this year. The ride is now June 5th and thus less likely to see snow and ice. and there is a 50 mile route as well as the 100 and the 20.

Tam Cronin said...

Really, Carl, iced coffee should be listed as your "favorite cycling drink". Can't imagine you without one. :-)

Nice to hear Best Buddies inched into June. May seems so early, doesn't it? We had so much rain last Spring and I recall there weren't many nice weekends for long rides. Congrats on the fundraising and I applaud your commitment. Hope you're having a good "off season"!