Friday, December 11, 2009

To the Bitter End

New Dave is planning to ride "one last ride" this Saturday, (as it seems no one else likes winter riding). He writes, "Weather for this weekend looks like it will cooperate: no rain or snow until Sunday night. Wakeup temperatures will be in the low 20s on Saturday, but it will warm up a bit once the sun is up." Bundle up and join him at the bus stop at 7 am.


Paul Price said...

The wind with the cold is too much for Joan and I this week. We will also be away until mid February so Seasons Greetings to all. See you all next year.

Joan and Paul

Tam said...


Sprocket Girl said...

Meh.. I stayed indoors and rode. My motivation for cold riding is lacking a little at this moment.

Now that isn't to say that it'll stay that way.. once I get Ania back (check from ins co for repairs is in the mail), I'll be back at it!

Dave, did you ride anyway? How was it?

Cyclopath-Donna said...

ditto Tammy,
It's indoor Spinning time for me.

Bruce K said...

Spinning for now.

The indoor coaching program starts Thursday night but with the start of my Masters program looming for January, who knows?

Dave said...

Yes, I did ride. I went by the bus stop at 7, but nobody else was around (as I expected). The temperature on the insurance building said 22 degrees.

I do plan to keep riding to the office whenever I can manage it. The weather looks good for tomorrow, but not so good the rest of the week.

I'm sure that I'll do more spinning classes than commuting trips in the next few months, but that will depend on the weather.

At this point, I don't expect to do any more saturday morning rides until spring.