Monday, December 07, 2009

Profile of the Week - Ed Parish

Year you joined the Cyclopaths: ~1992
Claim to Fame: My "Revere Beach Parkway" blueberry pie!
Favorite ride on the North Shore: Mad Martha's breakfast run
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Guess it has to be Mad Martha's!
What bike do you ride? Serotta Ti Legend
Has Drew named your bike? Yes, but I forgot it. (Ed, it's Johnny Cash! Nickname: "Cash". How could you forget?)
Brief cycling background: 20 PMCs
What was your worst day on the bike? Training for my first PMC in 1988. Rode to the 50 mile CRW ride in Lexington, had to be driven home as I was so wiped out from the ride.
What is your favorite bike food? Hot dogs
Most likely to say: "Where's breakfast?"
Fun to know: The directions I received to get to my first Cyclopathic ride: "We meet in Salem where the old newspaper stand used to be."

Something we don't know about you but should: Bought my first 10 speed bike by betting (and winning) the daily double ($2 got me $64) at a horse track (with my parents) when I was a pre-teen kid.


Tam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ED!!! (This Sunday, December 13th). Sending lots of hugs,


Anonymous said...

Yom Huledet Sameach, Eddie! And many more of good health and satisfactions. Love, Sheldon and Fran