Sunday, December 06, 2009

How to Road Bike in Snow

We have our first snowfall of the season! Happy news for our skiers Ellen, Cape Cod Mike, Drew, Lisa, and Pedal Pete -- not so great for our diehard winter cyclists. Ever wonder what it takes to ride a bike in the snow? Check out eHow! Believe it or not, they actually have tips for riding in the snow. Any other tips? Leave them in the comments section. Brrr...


Sprocket Girl said...

I will add my own tip to the article on eHow.

- if you encounter slippery spots, keep pedaling gently to keep your balance even. Your weight will be on center with the bike, making the risk of slipping and sliding less likely. This technique also works for wet leaves.

Tam said...

Does it work for white lines too? ;-)

Are you back on the bike Lynda? Hope you're doing o.k. Be careful out there!!

Sprocket Girl said...

It sure does!

Yes, I'm back on the bike, but haven't had time on the weekends to get out. I feel plenty strong, the shoulder is back to normal. We've been busy looking at wedding reception venues on the weekends, that and bad weather kept me from the great outdoors last weekend. We're looking at one more this Saturday, and then I'll have some flexibility to ride weekends again.

Is it just Commuter Dave Paul and Joan that are still riding? Where's Ducky and her flannel pants?