Monday, November 23, 2009

Pumpkin Pie Ride

Enjoy that extra piece of pie on Thanksgiving -- and then work it off with a post-Thanksgiving ride!! (Saturday, 7 am.)

Dave reports there are still a few hearty souls riding on Saturdays. Last week, Sheldon, Gail, Joan, Paul, and Dave enjoyed breakfast at Henderson's, (Ed joined them by car), followed by a Bradley Palmer loop. Seriously! In November! The plan is to ride again this weekend if the weather is good. Could be one of the last rides of the season before the snow falls... (Not that snow is stopping some of you crazy people!)


Sprocket Girl said...

I can't ride this Sat, but if anyone wants to ride the Sat after, I will be back in the saddle!

Tam said...

Feeling better, Lynda?

Tam said...

Hey, BTW, How did you know I posted something on the blog so soon? I JUST put up the pumpkin pie ride 2 minutes ago, and you've already left a comment.

Sprocket Girl said...

I just popped in at the right moment, I guess!

Yes, feeling a lot better after a week of rest. Doctor wants me to rest another week, and then back to the normal routine, which, of course, means riding.

Dave said...

Assuming the weather holds, I'll be riding. I plan to do the CRW / NSC "Bagels and Buffalo" on Thursday AM. If Friday's nasty weather clears out by Saturday AM, I'll be at the bus stop at 7AM. The current forecast isn't too good.

I try to ride as long as we don't have significant snow (and roads are not too icy). Last year, I went out at least a few times each month during the winter, although January and February were pretty nasty, and I was only out a couple of times each month.

This year, because I'm commuting, I'll probably do more outdoors and fewer spinning classes. So far, the weather hasn't been too bad: it's been raining at bit the last few days, but the temperatures are in the 40s, so it's comfortable riding conditions.

Last week, we had one day where it was cold enough for the Lobster gloves (28 degrees at 6AM), but so far, that's all.

As long as others keep showing up for breakfast, I'll keep going.

Lynda, hope you recover on schedule (don't push it) and come on out some Saturday when you're ready. I'll probably be there.


Tam said...

We're gonna need a new nickname for you, Dave. I feel a poll coming on.

I nominate
Dedicated Dave
Die-hard Dave
Tenacious Dave

Anyone else?

Personally, I like Tenacious Dave... because Chipper was on the "Tenacious D" in football (his defensive squad) and all of the 8 year olds didn't know what tenacious meant. I could have said, "Being tenacious means riding your bike in sub freezing temps in the middle of January, like Dave."


Sprocket Girl said...

HAHA - Tenacious D! LOL! I like it!

Dave said...

Tenacious D sounds like a great name for a rapper. I guess if you like that sort of thing, it's not bad. See also: Tenacious D.

Anyway, tomorrow AM´s forecast still has some showers in it, and temps in the high 30s / low 40s. Afternoon will be better. If anyone wants to ride in the PM instead of the AM, please let me know via a comment or an email. Iĺl be at the bus stop in at the usual time if there's not too much rain.

Yesterday, I did the "Bagels and a Buffalo" ride, but we saw neither Bagels nor Buffalos. Passing the farm, nobody else wanted to stop, so we kept on going (as some people want to head off to a turkey dinner).

We did the Plum Island loop (Mad Marthas and just about everything else on Plum Island looked very closed) so we didn't get to downtown Newburyport until almost noon. Abraham's bagels closed at 11, so we had to settle for the little bake shop down the street.

There were several people with randonneuring bikes in this group. I brought my road bike (with the clip on fender). There was an incredible amount of gunk on the bike when I got home. I guess I'll be riding the hybrid most of the winter.


Tam said...

Awww... and I though Tenacious D was fun! Guess not.

Looks like the weather is going to keep folks off the road tomorrow. Hope all enjoyed their Thanksgiving!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

I'll put in my two cents:
Commuter Dave.

I won't be riding. I am still getting over a cold/sickness that continues to linger.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Turkey Day, Black Friday, and long weekend.