Monday, November 02, 2009

Profile of the Week: Bruce Kapsten

Nickname: BK
Claim to fame: Top 10 fundraiser for The Davis Phinney Foundation and 1 of 5 Moderators of the Serotta Forum
Year joined: 2000
Favorite ride on North Shore: to Smolak Farm
Favorite Breakfast spot: Henderson's
What bike do you ride? Serotta Meivici, Serotta Ottrott ST, K. Bedford Custom steel road bike
Has Drew named your bike? She named the Meivici "Bling" - so far as I know, she hasn't named any others.
Worst day on bike: Cohen Tri-State crash in York Beach - 2006
Favorite bike route: Johnson City Loop - Austin, TX
Favorite day on bike: Riding with my son in the PMC
Cycling background: 8 PMC's, 3 Sunflower Revolutions, 2 Copper Triangles, plus some other fun stuff. Club time trials and various cyclocross races for fun.
Favorite Bike Food: Hot waffles with Nutella (courtesy of Maietta Bicycles at Gloucester GP)
Most likely to say: 1 more lap? Are you kidding me?
Least likely to say: Oh good, another muddy cross race.
Hidden talent: Kite Maker
Why do you ride for the Davis Phinney Foundation? I ride events for The Davis Phinney Foundation because Davis is a charismatic, engaging guy who has created a foundation that is funding programs that improve the quality of life for those who suffer from Parkinson's Disease.

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Tam said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY (October 30th) to BRUCE!!! Hope you had a good birthday!! Sorry to hear about the road rash incident but congrats on the 3 place Appplecrest Farms cross race!