Sunday, November 22, 2009

NEW Profile of the Week - Dave Fionda

Nickname: Little Dave
Year you became a Cyclopath: 2003
Claim to Fame: Have broken every part of my bike at some point, (before Shelly's blessing).
Favorite ride on the North Shore: Cohen Classic!
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Sugar Magnolias.
What bike do you ride? One that doesn't break.
What is your favorite bike food? PB&J.
Most likely to say: "Coming thru!"
Least likely to say: "Stop drafting me."
Hidden talent: Jazz musician and actor.

Something we don't know about you but should: That would spoil the mystery!


Tam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little Dave!! (Sunday, November 22). Hope you have a great day!!


PS - Thanks for updating your profile!

Sprocket Girl said...

Hope that your birthday was a great one, LD!