Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bagels and a Buffalo

Join the CRW and North Shore Cyclists for their Bagels and a Buffalo Ride, Saturday, November 14th. (With a civilized start time of 10 am from Masconomet HS in Boxford.) 52, 44 or 20 mile routes. All rides pass through familiar stomping grounds - Boxford, Topsfield, and Rowley. Long rides include Plum Island and a stop at Abraham's Bagels in Newburyport for lunch. An optional stop for buffalo viewing at Tendercrop Farm is included on 44 and 52 mile rides. (Note: The two buffalo on your right are from Bruce's Copper Mountain trip -- not from Tendercrop Farm!) Visit the CRW calendar for more info!


Sprocket Girl said...

Melinda Lyon is a great ride leader and a well-known randonneuse.

Is anyone planning on riding this one?

Tam said...

Brrrrrrrrr...... Did anyone ride today?

Tam said...

PS -- Lynda --- Too cold for me. I posted the Bagel ride for those of you who are still riding. Sounds like a neat ride.

Sprocket Girl said...

I rode today, with Quad Cycles.

It was the maiden voyage for my new bike - a 2009 Scott CR1 Contessa. For those of you not on the email list, yes, I traded in the old Scott for a newer, upgraded 10-speed equipped Scott.

we rode from the shop in Arlington up and around the usual loops in Concord, Carlisle, Chelmsford and Billerica. Yes, it was cold, indeed! I thought that it was going to "warm" up to at least 50, but most of the roads that we took were in the shade, so it was 40's all day long. Oh well, at least the sun was out!

Who rode up in Salem today?

Bruce K said...

I saw Joan, Paul, Margis, and 1 other Cyclopath as the 4C's were getting ready to depart from the fountain in Manchester.

We rode over to the fire station on 1A then up to Ipswich via Mill Road and Highland. We then crossed over 1A and went out to Little Neck where we did The Wall and the other hills before heading back.


New Dave said...

Yes, we rode today.

I was at the bus stop a bit before 7, and I thought I was going to be the only one. I was hoping I'd get to see Lynda's new ride, but no such luck, I guess.

I saw Paul & Joan drive into the parking lot. A minute later, a cold-looking Margie rode up. She told me that Sheldon had called her and decided that 29 degrees was too cold for him. So it was just the 4 of us.

Breakfast was in Manchester, where we passed Bruce and the Can-Crash group. We then returned to Salem down 1A.

Weather permitting, I'll do the CRW/NSC ride next Saturday. I don't know who else wants to continue, but I plan to ride all winter whenever there isn't too much ice.


Sprocket Girl said...

Dave, I will ride the Bagel Ride. See you there!

Bruce K said...

I might be up for this one. It all depends on if I race the Plymouth North Cyclocross race or not.


Sprocket Girl said...

Uh oh! I forgot that I have a 50th birthday party to attend, so, with the later start time, I will most likely do the 44 mile and not chance the 52.

Sprocket Girl said...

Uh, now I have got to bag the Bagel Ride altogether! Sorry folks. See your email for details.

Bruce K said...

Thanks for the e-mail.

Good luck.