Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Profile of the Week - Sheldon Brown

Nickname: Rabbi Shelly, The Belarus Kid
Year you became a Cyclopath: 1976.
Claim to Fame: The husband of Fran Brown
Brief cycling background: I bike at my own pace, usually sweep position.
Favorite ride on the North Shore: The Donna Cohen Classic
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Perley's (Rowley), Union House (Gloucester) and the Fish Tale in Salisbury.
What bike do you ride?: Trek 1200
Has Drew named your bike?: Not yet, but I prefer "SHLOMO".
Favorite day on the bike? Any day that the Cyclopaths bike together as a group!
What is your favorite bike food? Trail mix
Most likely to say: It's tough to break up at the Roger Conant statue and say good-bye till next week; The Cyclopaths who start together should stay together.
Least likely to say: Let's bike another ten miles!
Hidden talent: Fixin' flats
Why do you ride the PMC? At first to keep up with my friends, but later to honor my dear wife Fran, who is a suvivor of cancers.
Something we don't know about you but should: I'm a Philatelist, Numismatist and trolley enthusiast!


Sprocket Girl said...

So which trolleys are your favorite, Shelly?

Anonymous said...

Recently Fran and I took our grandsons Sammy and Joey on subway and trolley rides. What fun! We play with model trolleys in my study in the condo. I would say that my favorite trolleys are those that operate on my lay-outs without breaking down. Sammy wants a train for his birthday. We intend to take Sammy and Joey to visit Seashore Trolley Museum in Maine. All Aboard!