Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Ride Wrap-Up

Ride Report by Donna: Lynda, New Dave, Steve-Bob, Sheldon, Donna, Joan and Paul rode in the annual Cyclopath Halloween Ride. A Witch Doctor was spotted leaving Salem and returning with the group. : ) We rode to Henderson's and had a nice breakfast. After breakfast, Steve-Bob headed to Ipswich while the rest of the group headed to Bradley Palmer to admire the foliage. The gates were open at both ends of Bradley Palmer. We admired the foliage and Halloween decorations along the way. The famous rabbit fence was converted into a ghostly fence, with each rabbit covered by a white sheet with two eyes cut out. Very cute! Many carved jack-o-lanterns were seen along the way as well. At the end of the ride, Roger Conant was surrounded by many costumed tourists. All who started together finished together as Steve-Bob rejoined the group at Roger Conant. Happy Halloween to all! --Donna


Tam said...

Great day for a ride!!

Lynda, I stole your pic for the blog. Hope you don't mind!

Sprocket Girl said...

I don't mind at all! I put it up there for folks to share with others if they'd like.

Missed you today! Hope that you are doing well.