Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cozy Winter Reading

Interested in receiving Bicycling Magazine this winter? The Swampscott Middle School is holding their annual magazine fundraiser, and you can get a great deal on new subscriptions or renewals.

Get two years of Bicycling Magazine (22 issues), plus Bicycling's 250 Best Cycling Tips, for just $20. 40% of your purchase will benefit the enrichment programs at the Swampscott Middle School. Visit for more info!


Tam said...

Hey Everyone --

I'm not shamelessly promoting Will's fundraising for school -- just passing along what I believe is a great deal, in case you are interested. :-) (Plus, I've had very little to blog lately....)

If you'd like to order a magazine subscription, the Swampscott Middle School id # is 425053118 (or you can give credit to Will Cronin, Teacher: Grady, Grade: 5, if you'd like. ;-)

REALLY no pressure or sales pitch here -- Just passing along a great deal. ;-0

Cyclopath-Donna said...

It looks like a nice weekend to curl up with a magazine and stay under the covers! : )
I hope everyone is well. And I really hope we get to ride on Halloween. In costume of course.