Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Weekend

Did anyone ride on Saturday? The roads were wet at 7 am -- Who showed up to ride? Post your Ride Reports in the "Comments" section!


Not Quite New Dave said...

The forecast was good, but it was actually spitting rain at 6:15 as I was getting ready. I decided to put the bike in the car and drive up to the parking lot (something I almost never do). It was still spitting rain at 7 AM, and there were no signs of any other riders, so I didn't even unload the bike.

I opted to do the 8:30 AM spinning class at the Y. I did do a long-ish ride (it was supposed to be 50 miles, but we got a bit lost and only did 40) on Sunday.

Bruce K said...

It was raining in Gloucester when I got up to see about riding down to Salem so I went back to bed.

I rode later with some freinds out of Beverly up to Newburyport where we had cinnamon buns at Praline's (downtown).