Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September Cycling

Can you believe September is almost over, and the active cycling weekend of September 26th is upon us? So who is riding the following?

GSW Seacoast Century (Granite State Wheelmen), taking place the weekend of September 26th & 27th. Registration is closed if you didn't already sign up..

The Mayor's Cup pro race and concert takes place Saturday, September 26th, with the annual Hub on Wheels on Sunday, September 27th. Who's riding?

Also, theRodman Ride for Kids takes place on September 26th. Anyone joining Drew this year?

Wishing all who are riding great weather for the weekend events!


Cyclopath-Donna said...

I am thinking of riding the Hub on Wheels on my mountain bike.

Sprocket Girl said...

I'm riding GSW Century on Sat, and Hub on Sun, riding single-speed for Hub.

Donna: could you please bring that tire lever with you on Sunday? Thanks!

Bruce K said...

I'm riding our annual Tour du BiValve on Saturday and Hub on Sunday unless it rains.

Not sure if I will go single speed or ride the Bedford.

If it rains, then I am going out to Springfield for a cyclocross race.

Not Quite New Dave said...

Originally I had planned to do the Seacoast Century, but I didn't get my entry in before they were full up.

So, I'll just appear at the bus stop at 7 AM, and then do a longish ride after breakfast.

Sunday I have to go pick up my son when he returns from a school trip on Sunday at noon. This will keep me from doing more than a few quick laps on Sunday AM.

Hope to see you all soon


Anonymous said...

Lisa is joining me for the Rodman Ride on Sat. If I'm not too pooped and it's not raining you may see me at the Hub on Wheels

Tam said...

Great weekend for riding -- hope the weather is good on Sunday. (Forecast looks iffy.) HAVE FUN, all of you!

Sprocket Girl said...

I ended up not riding Hub on Wheels, opting to sleep in instead of sight-see Boston on a bike, in the rain.

Saturday's Seacoast Century was a good one! Ethan and I departed Hampton Beach at 7:30am, heading for Newburyport, looping back to the Hampton Beach parking lot to shed some of the cold-weather gear - leg warmers, full-fingered gloves and winter beanies - and then headed towards Portsmouth. It was a nice fall day, the sun out in full force. This year's water stop, which is always at Fort McClary Park in Kittery, ME, sported a new bread for the pb&j sandwiches - multi-grain artisan bread! Very fancy!! The Team-In-Training guys and gals had some very interesting helmet-toppers this year. Most interesting was the team from Pennsylvania, who wore huge Hersheys Kisses souvenirs atop their lids. They quickly became known as the Kiss Heads. So I just had to change the lyrics to the song, "Fish Heads," to accommodate the Penn group! Lots of laughs!

At one point on the way back, I somehow lost track of Ethan, who I thought had dropped back a little, but it turned out that he was ahead. I stopped and waited, and wondered if he had a mechanical issue and gave a call and left a message. A few mintues later, he called me, to tell me that he was at the next turn off of 1A waiting for me. So a little mis-comunication for a moment, but other than that, it was a great ride with him!

That ride could use a few more Cyclopaths! Keep it in mind for next year!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Congrats on the Century ride Lynda & Ethan! I opted out of a rainy Hub on Wheels Ride. Maybe next year....

Did anyone ride in the rain on Sunday?

Bruce K said...

Hub on Wheeels turned out to be a very nice ride.

It was raining lightly at the start which meant that about 4000 out of the alomst 7000 registered riders slept in.

The rest of us rolled out in waves every minute or so (I was in #3 while my freinds ended up in #2) and by the time we got down Storrow Drive and back to the Fenway, it had stopped.

We connected up out on Storrow and because the roads were still pretty wet we opted for the 30 mile route. The reduced numbers meant plenty of open space and no "cattle herds" at the rest stops.

It didn't start raining again until we were at Polcari's on Route 1 having a post-ride pizza.

The only regret was that there were not more people I knew and was hoping to see out on the road.