Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chilly Start on Saturday

Ride report from Donna: It was a chilly 44 degrees departing from Salem at 7:00 am. A few were adorned in their balaclavas. Riding from Salem were Donna, Gail, Sheldon, Arlene, New Dave, Paul, and a shivering Margie. We made our way up over the Beverly Bridge and New Dave got a flat. (Note: there was A LOT of glass on the road, mostly broken beer bottles.) New Dave went to work on the repair. Ducky joined the group and we had a chance to chat briefly before she headed home. Unfortunately Dave's tire gave way with a loud pop. Paul Price earned his mitzvah of the day by pedaling back to get his car in Salem and then meeting us with New Dave at Beverly Depot Diner. An enjoyable breakfast was had by all. From there, Arlene continued on while the rest of us headed home. It was a nice short Fall ride.


New Dave said...

After Paul gave me a ride home (thanks again, Paul), I went to Marblehead Cycle, where I purchased their last 700x28 Armadillo tire. I then got back on the bike and rode to the Fisherman's Memorial in Gloucester following the traditional Cyclopath route.

I hope to see all of you next Saturday.


Sprocket Girl said...

Wow - your tire was that shredded? I read that you got a flat, but wow! Sorry to hear about your troubles, Dave.

Kudos to all who braved the colder temps.

Big Kudos to Arlene who continued on!! You go girl!! :-) Where'd you go?

I hope to meet up with you folks in another two weeks - next Saturday is the make-up ride for the New England Randonneurs' "Essex County Country Ride," so maybe I will see some of you out there, if you go to Boxford or Manchester/Gloucester. We'll be everywhere, inculding a little dirt and water (hopefully I'll be recognizable by the end of it!)

And looking forward, Halloween is on a Saturday this year!! Costume ride! :-)