Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday Coastal Ride

We stayed along the coast on Saturday and headed up to Manchester-by-the-Sea. Starting from Salem were Sheldon, Joan and Paul, Donna, Gail, Arlene, Steve-Bob, Carl and Ron (a friend of Sam's). (Burrito Bryan stopped by briefly to drop off a tire iron for Lynda.) It was a steamy and ominous morning, with grey clouds looming. We had breakfast in Manchester at the Beach Street Cafe. Wally showed up on his motorcycle and joined us for breakfast! Afterwards, we made our way to Singing Beach and sang (off key) before pedaling back to beat the rain. (Ron predicted the storm would hit at 10:01).

Several Cyclopaths were spotted on our way home, including Jeff & Ben heading north; Mike Bencal in his Blue and Greenie chatting with a friend in a yard, (He met us at Roger Conant at the end of our ride); and Ann on her bike, spotted as we made our way back to the parking lot.

We made it back to Salem before 10:01. Sure enough, the rain did not fall, and clear skies prevailed. A good ride was had by all.

Well Wishes go out to Manny & Tam & Joyce.

Next week: Ride with the Champions! --Donna


Sprocket Girl said...

Sorry that I didn't make it up there. I think that the lack of sleep for the season finally caught up with me - I ended up slinking back into bed, and ended up riding locally mid-morning.

Bryan, did you hang onto the tire iron, or does someone else have it now?

This Saturday I will be riding with my New England Randonneurs group on the Essex County Country Ride, 80 miles, 20% dirt road, 2 water-crossings, covering a loop from Boxford, Topsfield, Hamilton, Wenham, Manchester, Essex, Ipswich, Rowley, Byfield, Newburyport, and Georgetown. Our ride starts at 8:30am. Perhaps we'll see you all in our travels!

Map of the ride, if you would like to peruse (or you are welcome to ride with us, or meet up along the way):

Bryan, thanks again for locating the tire lever! The next breakfast burrito is on me!! :-)

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Hi Lynda,
I have your tire iron. Have a great ride Saturday. We'll look for you.