Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ride report from Donna: It was a beautiful day for a bike ride! Riding from Salem were Gail, Donna, Av, Sheldon, Paul G. (aka "P. Giddy"), and "Burrito" Bryan. Starting out from Cambridge and Winchester were Lynda and Lisa -- with Ducky joining the gang over the bridge. We made our way along the coast to Manchester/Gloucester. A group pic was taken in Manchester-by-the-Sea. (Two unsuspecting men were chatting in front of the fountain of youth. While one took the pic, the other asked "Where's the Judge?". It turns out "Ronnie" knows Sam very well -- they go way back.)

Gail, Ducky and Av ate at Beach Street Cafe. The rest of the group continued on to The Morning Glory where we had breakfast on the deck overlooking the ocean. Highlights/lowlights: Lynda got a flat tire on the trip north while Lisa got one on the return trip. Bryan earned his nickname "Burrito Bryan" while eating a breakfast burrito.

Famous quote of the day: "Having a wedding is like buying a brand new BMW and then driving it off a pier."-- P.G. (Congratulations to father-of-the-recent-bride Paul G.!)


Bruce K said...

It looks like PPMCS (Post Pan-Mass Challenge Syndrome) is setting in!

I saw Donna and Sheldon on their way back as I was working my way up 127 returning from Smolak Farms (North Andover).

Glad to see you beat the heat and got the ride done fairly early.

Be safe.

Bruce K

Not Quite New Dave said...

Sorry I missed you all... I had to take my son to his driving test (he passed) on Saturday AM. I did ride to Gloucester and back later in the day.

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Sorry Bruce- I forgot to mention we saw you pedaling in the opposite direction.
"New Dave" -- you better be careful with your name. You may soon become "Old Dave"! The Cyclopaths go back to the 1970s so being New Dave is a relative term.

Lisa said...

That was one steamy ride! Lynda and I made it back to Winchester/Arlington with no flat tires! Great training for the flattest century! We ended up riding 75 miles (just a short ride for Lynda)!