Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Looking Ahead to September

Registration closes on August 31st for the GSW Seacoast Century, taking place the weekend of September 26th & 27th. (You can ride either day, or both.) The route travels along the same route as the Tri-State Cohen Classic and has been a favorite century ride for many Cyclopaths. Anyone planning to ride this year? Visit the Granite State Wheelmen website for more info!

Also happening that weekend, The City of Boston hosts The Mayor's Cup pro race and concert, Saturday, September 26th, and the annual Hub on Wheels, Sunday, September 27th -- The Hub on Wheels is a citywide bike ride and festival benefiting the Boston Digital Bridge Foundation (bringing technology to Boston Public Schools). Visit their website for more info, including a link to the Mayor's Cup Pro Race.

Another terrific ride benefiting local children is the Rodman Ride for Kids on September 26th -- raising funds for child-related social service agencies in Massachusetts. Drew is participating in this year's ride. If you would like to join her or volunteer, drop her an email!


Sprocket Girl said...

I would like to ride the Hub On Wheels this year. From all accounts, it sounds like such a great time! Anyone in?

Also riding the Seacoast Century that Satuday. I know that Ethan (and Lisa too, I think) are registered.

Dave said...

I'm also planning to do the Seacoast Century that weekend.

I'm not sure if I'll be up to Hub On Wheels the following day, but I could be convinced.

Do you want to start a Cyclopaths Team for this?

Lisa said...

I plan to do the Seacoast Century on Saturday. Where do people pard for this ride?

Bruce K said...

I will never do Saecoast Century again but Hub on Wheels is probably going to happen for me.

The Mayor's Cup races should be unreal.

On Saturday I will be with a bunch of freinds doing our 3rd annual Tour du BiValve from The Village restaurant in Essex. ANy of you are welcome to join us for a moderately paced socail ride followed by a fried clam lunch.


Sprocket Girl said...


For Seacoast Century, you can park at Hampton Beach parking lot.

If you would like to carpool, let me know, I have two fork-clamp carriers in the pickup bed.

C'mon guys! Let's take over Boston!