Saturday, August 01, 2009

Good Morning, Cyclopaths

It's 4 a.m., Saturday morning, and you are all getting ready for today's Pan Mass Challenge!! Good luck today! We're supposed to have terrific weather! Have a safe and wonderful ride-- See you all in Bourne!! Remember, team photo at 5:50 @ the flagpole!


Cyclopath-Donna said...

MAZEL TOV to King Sheldon on his 25th PMC!

Congrats and thank you to all that participated in this years PMC. The North Shore Cyclopaths made a great impact on the event. It was very nice to see so many familiar faces in Bourne. And be able to take an official team pic.

Can't wait for pics of the King! Brenda-- nice job designing the cape!!!!!

Arlene and "Anne-Tam" : ) you rock!
YAY to the oldest rider Bill!
WooHoo to Judge Sam!
Way to go Gail!

Congrats to riders: Brenda, Brian, Drew, Ed, E-man & possee- Jim, Arthur, Phil & son Ben, Janet Fischer, Jeff, Ben, Lynda, and Sir Michael.

Dave said...


While you were off at the PMC, the normal Saturday ride happened in a somewhat abbreviated fashion. Since I cannot post to the blog, I figured I'd send you a report via email so that you can.

I arrived about 6:20, and for a while I thought that I would be the only one. Fortunately, I was joined by Paul & Joan, and then Alison (who I had not met before). After some discussion we set out (a few minutes late) for Stone Soap in Ipswich. Since none of us had any chalk, we couldn't mark the road for latecomers.

We met Ducky coming over the bridge. We had to take a detour in Beverly, because there was a large tree down that blocked Cabot Street just before the second set of railroad tracks, forcing us to go up the hill onto Tozer road. Ducky, as usual, went around by the Cummings Center, and she missed the whole thing. I went back down 1A and found her coming up towards us. Re-united, we left 1A at North Beverly station for the usual back roads (Dodges Row, Larch Row, Miles River Rd and then Bridge Street back to 1A)

Alison went out fast (and I followed her). We stopped at the Motel where Paul and Joan came along a few minutes later. Ducky went off to visit her sister (or something) and so we proceeded to Stone Soup with just the 4 of us.

On the way back, we went Argilla to Northgate to Rt 133 to Belcher St, and then followed Rt 22 back into Beverly. Alison stopped at the kayak store while we waited for Paul and Joan to catch up, but apparently the sale price on the kayak wasn't low enough, or she didn't want to carry the kayak all the way back to Salem on the bicycle, so we left without buying one.

The group finally split up somewhere just after Chewbacco lake. Alison and I followed Rt 22 all the way back to the bridge. I don't know which way Paul and Joan went, as we didn't wait for them at the statue.

I hope you all had a great PMC (and I expect to read all about it in the blog). I'm away next weekend, but I should see you in two weeks at the usual time and place.