Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tri-State Cohen Classic

Another Tri-State Cohen Classic is in the books! Thirteen riders in all, including Donna, Cape Cod Mike(!), Ed, New Dave, Drew, Lisa, The Queen, Tam, and Margie (both starting at Jenness Beach), and Ethan and his posse, Jim and Arthur! We had a gorgeous day for a ride -- especially in the morning before the beach crowds settled in! Breakfast at Cafe Espresso was again worth the trip, and our waitress was exceptional. Donna may write a post-ride wrap up soon. Pics will be uploaded shortly. (Photo of the gang at breakfast was sent by Cape Cod Mike. Mike, we've missed you!)


Tam said...

Beautiful day. Could not have been nicer. Isn't the Cohen Classic supposed to be on the hottest day of the year?? LOL.


And breakfast at Cafe Espresso was again terrific. Great find, Donna.

Starting at Jenness Beach was perfectly fine for me. I didn't miss going through Hampton one bit. Sorry to say goodbye to everyone early, though. (And I could have used more miles.)

Next year I look forward to seeing that lighthouse.

Lots of frustration on the ride this year. There seems to be growing tension between the fast riders and the back of the pack -- and it is becoming uncomfortable.

We need to address that somehow.

Not quite so new Dave said...

I'd like to suggest a new starting point: Winnacunnet High School (http://www.winnacunnet.org/)

Those who want to go "Tri-State" can head south on 1A to Salibury Beach and then turn around and catch up with the group.

The slower riders can proceed north on 1A to Cafe Expresso and then on to Maine. As long as we all regroup by breakfast, we'll have everybody together.

Not having to go all the way back to Newburyport should make it easier to get to the lighthouse.

Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

Cape Cod Mike said...

I was so glad the Cohen Classic was moved to Sunday and I had a chance to ride! So great to see you all. I have missed you all so much....I must admit that this was the first time on the bike in a year and I am paying the price now. Ouch!!! Hope to be able to cheer you on at the finish in Wellsley.
Have a great PMC and I wish you all great weather and a flat free ride,

All the Best!

ccm :)

Cyclopath-Donna said...

I could not find driving directions to the school? Is it close to the coast?
We were thinking we'd park where Tammy did this year at Jenness Beach (free parking) and head north from there. With a stop at Cafe Espresso for breakfast. They open at 6:30 am. That way we will all get to The Lighthouse!

Dave said...

The school is right after junction of Rt 1 and 101 near the traffic circle where you enter Hampton (not Hampton Beach). It's about 2 miles up Rt 27 / 101C from 1A.

Since there's a big parking lot that should be empty on a summer weekend, we don't have to worry about finding each other strung out along Rt 1A.

Tam said...

Sounds like a good plan! While I liked parking at Jenness Beach, and the walk on the beach before the ride was fabulous, the traffic down 1A as Margie and I left was horrific. Parking at the school would make it easier, post-ride. Definitely something to consider.

Sprocket Girl said...

The GSW Seacoast Century starts at Hampton Beach, rides to Newburyport, then back up and into Portsmouth and Maine, making for a better traffic situation. I will find the route map and get that to you if you'd like. Starting further up is definitely the key I think.

Sprocket Girl said...

Map from last year's Granite State Wheelmen Seacoast Century. The diversions off of 1A are on the way back. Route starts off going South of Hampton, then back up North past Hampton Beach.


Tam said...

Sounds like Donna has lots of options to consider for next year's Cohen Classic!

Anonymous said...

Love it all options, Great iead not to bike through Hampon beach in the afternoon. I was so stressed going through HB, felt any sec I'd be pick off by a car/ people.