Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pre-PMC Cyclopath Get-Together

The wonderful Kelleher Family will be taking a break from hosting their traditional Pre-PMC gathering this year. (We're relieved to hear that, as we know how insanely busy Michael has been!) This year we'll move the festivities to the Cronin house, 45 Manton Road in Swampscott, Thursday, July 30th, 5-9pm. Same guidelines as previous years, except Tam, (sorry to say), isn't the amazing cook that Ann is, and will rely on the grill instead. (Happily, Ann will be bringing her fabulous eggplant parmesan!) If folks can bring an appetizer, salad-type thing, pasta dish or dessert that would be terrific. Ed, we hope you will make a pie.

Any questions, please call Tam at (781) 593-8619. or send an email tamcronin@verizon.net.

This is our yearly summer gathering, whether you ride the PMC or not -- All Cyclopaths, families and friends are welcome!!


Sprocket Girl said...

Does everyone like canoli's? :-)

Tam said...

Um... is that a rhetorical question?! ;-)

Sprocket Girl said...

Hmm.. I guess that is silly question that I put forth! Who doesn't like cannolis?

So therefore, I will be bringing a big box of em! :-)

Cyclopath-Donna said...

How big are your cannolis?!
-- Just had to ask. ; )

Hope you had a great climb to the clouds.

Sprocket Girl said...

I've got the biggest cannolis of them all! :-)

Yes, we had fun on CTTC. No summit climb, though: the road was closed for repairs. I was sad, some others, not so much!

I looked for Bruce, but didn't find him. I rode with a Facebook friend and met him for the first time, which was pretty awesome. It was his first century, and he sure did pick a doosey to try out! He did it, and looked strong throughout the whole ride. I could have turned around a gave it another go! The training is working.

See you all in a week!

Bruce K said...

We were on the lookout for you too.

We did the 60 mile route and were near the front of the pack for most of the time.

We saw a bunch of folks from the century but not you guys.

I'll just have to bring the Bedford to a Cyclopath ride when I get back from CO.