Sunday, July 05, 2009

Cape Cod Getaway

Belated congrats to the fabulous Anne Cotellessa and her daughter, Meredith for riding the MS150 Cape Cod Getaway! (June 27th and 28th.) As both headed off for Annisquam just a few weeks before the event, (while the rest of us stayed in Manchester!), we know they were well trained and more than ready for the 150 mile trek from Quincy to Provincetown. Great job, ladies!


Tam said...

Hooray Anne and Meredith!!!

Hope you had a great ride and the damp weather on Sunday didn't hinder you at all. (Remember a few years ago when there was a monsoon?!)

Big congrats to you both!

Sprocket Girl said...

Congrats to Anne and Meredith!

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!!!!!! drew