Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ipswich and Plum Island

What an amazing day for a ride!! Seventeen of us headed out of Salem for the ride to Ipswich and Plum Island. Nice to see Dr. Jeff and Mojito Dave joining us for the first leg to Ipswich! We started out as a pack but got separated at the Larch Row regrouping point, (where only Jeff and Gail waited for the back group to catch up). (The gang never really reconnected after that until breakfast.) Our destinations this week were Stone Soup, (Av, Sheldon, Gail, Paul & Joan, Ducky , Arlene and Anne) and Mad Martha's (Lynda, Ed, Steve-Bob, New Dave, The Queen, Donna and Tam) -- Two of our favorite places to eat! (Wally, surprised us at Mad Martha's, arriving shortly after we did!) We had an absolutely perfect day for riding -- it doesn't get any better! Next week: Cohen Classic! (Go Sox!)


Tam said...

Hope everyone heading into the Sox game later today has a GREAT time!!!

dbenua said...

The quote of the day came from a random cyclist we met while "regrouping" at the Wenham church. Upon learning that we leave the bus stop at 6:30 AM every saturday, his response was: "I guess you really are Cyclopaths".