Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day Ride

We had a glorious 40 mile ride to Boxford and Ipswich to celebrate the 4th of July. Bright skies, dry roads, and no rain in sight! What a relief! Our gang of 18 headed to Wayne's for breakfast -- including la bella Brenda and husband Matt (for the first time this season); and Lynda and fellow randonneur, Laura, riding in from Cambridge and Arlington for an eventual 85 mile RT!

Also along for the fun were Arlene and Lisa, Wally and Paul G., Drew and Gail, Sheldon and New Dave, Donna and Ducky, Paul and Joan, and Ed and Tam. What a group! After breakfast, a few folks headed back to Salem while the rest ventured on to loop Bradley Palmer. Sheldon and Donna were the only Cyclopaths who made it to the park while "Get that girl a compass" Drew led the gang down an endless backroad into Ipswich. (Fun!!) All regrouped in Wenham (including Wally who had ventured off earlier), for the trip back. When was the last time that happened?. Awesome ride.


Sprocket Girl said...

Great ride today!! What a super-fun group. We had fun getting a little lost (or dis-oriented, thanks Drew!:-) and just having a great time, drinking in the sun and the comraderie.

Looking forward to next week's trek to.... Mad Martha's!!

Anonymous said...

Lost route II : ) fun time, thanks to Sheldon & Donna they found the right turn that heads to Bradley Palmer for the next trip to Boxford. Happy 4th everyone Drew