Sunday, July 26, 2009

Congrats, Quadzilla!

It was a hot, humid weekend for Lynda's 600K brevet -- Ohmigosh, we hope she survived! Four states -- Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York -- 375 miles. 40 hours. Lynda, you crazy girl! Check in and let us know how it went, after you get some rest!


Cyclopath-Donna said...

CONGRATS on a QuadState ride!!!!! AMAZING. We were thinking about you at breakfast in Gloucester. All wondering how you were doing on your "600 mile" ride. Someone corrected us with "600K", but really..... what's the difference????!!!
Hope you had a fun time.
See you Thursday.

Sprocket Girl said...

The difference between 600 mi and 600 k is 225 miles :-p

I will write a recap sometime this week. With longer miles, the recap will also be that much longer - there was so much more to experience!

I can tell you this: it was such an epic ride, and so pretty. The roads were steep (22 miles of climbing in one section), the descents very swift, and the support at the checkpoints was top-notch. It sure was hot and sticky with the full sun out. Riding in shade was a very rare, but refreshing experience.

With two hours sleep (had to climb 1.5 miles of dirt road at4-8% grade to get to the sleep check), I managed a finish time of 38:45:00. Got my medal, and, for my first full season of randonneuring, qualified for a 1000k and a "Super-Randonneur" medal! I think that I will add a 1000k event for next season, and just digest this year's experience.

ccm said...

Way to GO!!!

Sprocket Girl said...

The 600k ride report is up for viewing at