Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breakast at Redbones Update!!

Several of you have asked for more info on the Tour de France breakfast at Redbones in Somerville!! Carl has scoped out the route -- Please see Comments for full details!

The plan to is leave from Preston Beach at 7 a.m. Tuesday, with a stop at Revere Beach (7:30) for those not wanting to ride the Lynnway during rush hour. (The ride from Preston Beach to Somerville is 20 miles; Revere Beach, 14.)

Ride in and watch the live telecast of the Mountain Stage Martigny - Bourg-Saint-Maurice (Stage 16) while enjoying a buffet breakfast! ($8/person.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009. Breakfast starts at 9 a.m.

Please contact Carl King,, ASAP if you are riding!! He needs to know who is riding and from where!


Details from Carl King said...

The route from Preston Beach is about 20 miles; from the north end of Revere Beach it is about 14 miles.

The road pass the Produce Center in Everett/Chelsea is so bad with potholes the 18 wheelers have a hard time driving it. To avoid it requires going around a rotary at Route 99/Route 16 which is not going to be pleasant at rush. Once around it one has a stretch of Route 99 but then once on Broadway it is a very nice ride.

My suggestion is to leave with plenty of time to get there at between 8:30 and 9.

We could leave Preston Beach at 7 a.m. and meet others at the North End of Revere Beach shortly after 7:30, giving folks an option not to ride the Lynnway in early rush.

We would then do the beach, and follow the Blue Line towards Boston, cutting across to Route 1A near the casket company, taking Route 1A a short distance to cross Chelsea Creek on the drawbridge, then Marginal Street to Williams Street and Williams under the Bridge to Spruce. We take Spruce to the right to Second and then left on Second to Route 99 to avoid the rough pavement. Second Street is a relatively nice ride.

A left onto Route 99 towards the Shraft Building. Lots of heave traffic that includes trucks but not too scary. At the Shraft Building rotary we keep to the right and take a right on what the map says is Main Street and which is a short jog that takes us to the left turn under the highway and onto Broadway. Broadway is very pleasant several miles to a rotary where we will "take a left" onto College which is marked by a sign directing us to Davis Square. We cross the Square and Chester Street is a right turn and there is Redbones.

The return trip should be easier because there should be less traffic.

I need to know who is meeting where.

I will look for a route that would bring us in from the north and avoid the highways later today.


Cyclopath-Donna said...

I plan to ride! : )


Anonymous said...

I'd like to ride from Preston Beach at 7am. Hopefully someone will keep an eye out for me so as not to lose everyone. Any way to avoid the congested roads and potholes? Sheldon