Friday, July 10, 2009

17th Annual Cohen Tri State Classic

It's that time of year again!! The 17th Annual Cohen Tri State Classic is around the corner! Choose a mileage that's right for you and join the fun! Wallis Sands State Park opens at 8:00 am for anyone wanting to drive and park there. More info on the Cohen Tri State Classic posted soon!

Wallis Sands to Portsmouth is 9 miles. Ride to breakfast and back ~20 miles. A spectacular coastal ride!
Newburyport to Wallis Sands is 21 miles.
N'port to Portsmouth is 30 miles. Breakfast and back 60 miles.
N'port to Captain Simeone Country Store ~35 miles. RT ~70 miles.
N'port to Lighthouse ~45 miles. RT ~90 miles.

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Tam said...

I'll post the Cohen Classic on the blog after the Mad Martha's ride to avoid confusion, but here are the details for those of you who can't wait. (Donna -- This is info from last year. Let me know if there are changes.)

The famed Tri-State Cohen Classic takes off from Newburyport, this Saturday, July 18th. (Weather permitting)

Start time: 6:00 am

Directions to Port Plaza: Rt 95 North to EXIT #57. Turn right off the exit, travel straight 2 blocks. Port Plaza is on your right.

Newburyport North to Maine! (Route 1A to 1B. Over the bridge and onto Rt 103 North.) The plan is to leave from Port Plaza in Newburyport at 6:00 am. Past experience has proven an early start to be best.

Breakfast this year will be at Cafe Espresso in Portsmouth


Note: For those not riding the CC our regular Saturday ride will still meet in Salem at 6:30 am.