Thursday, June 25, 2009

Warm Weekend Ahead?

Wow! The sun is out! The sun is out! Looks like decent weather this weekend for our Saturday breakfast ride and Sunday Sea Glass Ride! Finally!

Hoping all who are riding the MS 150 Cape Cod Getaway have a great weekend and a great ride!


Sprocket Girl said...

I will be riding from Arlington Center, and will be bringing a guest. Laura Bergamini is a randonneuse friend of mine, and she's coming along to experience what I like to call the "Cyclopathic adventure."

We just may hook up again with Ed P along the way, I have to see if he's into riding all the way in.

We'll see you at 6:30!

Anonymous said...

Hi all - I was in Salem this morning at 6:50 am - where was everyone? Calendar said ride begins at 7, but it was before 7 when I saw the "Ipswich :-)". So I did my own ride and had a great day anyway! But I do plan to do sea glass ride tomorrow - just hope it won't be deja-vu when I arrive just before 7. Someone will still be there, right?
Alison Simcox (Hi Lynda - looked for you on P2P ride, but you were probably doing a 400K ride or something equally impressive)

Tam said...

Sorry Alison! Wrong time is my fault -- I forgot to update the calendar when we switched to 6:30. (We traditionally switch to a 6:30 start the weekend after Memorial Day -- and then go back to 7 am the weekend after Labor Day.) So sorry we missed you!!Hope to see you soon!

Sprocket Girl said...

Hi Alison!

So sorry to have missed you today. I couldn't ride P2P due to lack of sick time available, so I couldn't play hookie. Plus, I had to take that Friday off to prepare for the 400k. How was your P2P this year?

Sue's Sea Glass Ride: Registration is at 6:30am, ride starts at 7am. See you there!

- Lynda

Bruce K said...

I am hoping to leave my house early enough to make it all the way to Swampscott before 7:00.

If not I'll see you guys on the road and turn around to go back to Stage Fort.


Sprocket Girl said...

So did anyone ride the MS 150?