Sunday, June 21, 2009

News from the North

Ellen and I caught up with Ultra Distance Biker Lynda at a check point in Meredith, New Hampshire Saturday. She looked strong and ready for more miles! -- Cape Cod Mike

(Congrats Lynda!! We miss you Mike and Ellen!!)


Sprocket Girl said...

You two must meet us at Mad Martha's for breakfast as soon as we figure out which weekend we'll venture out that way!

It was just wonderful seeing you both in Meredith. I wish that I could've stayed a little longer, but, there was a time limit that we needed to adhere to.

We got back to Hanscom Airfield at 3:42am Sunday, having started promptly at 4am Saturday morning. What a feeling, riding at night after that many hours in the saddle, keeping as straight a line as you can, in the darkness, listening to the peepers in the wetlands, it was so peaceful! It was truly an amazing experience.

It will take a few days to write up a complete report of this ride, but the stats and map can be found at:

Sprocket Girl said...

The ride report can be found at: