Monday, June 08, 2009

Ipswich-Stone Soup

Ride report from Donna: We had a nice (and speedy) ride to Ipswich and Stone Soup at it's new location. New rider Bryan joined us for a second time, making him an official Cyclopath. (His bike was named Zorro -- He is a Spanish teacher.) 6:30 am start time. Who was there--Lynda, Bryan, Donna, Gail, Drew, Lisa!, Michael K., Ed, Margie, Joan & Paul Paul G. and Ducky (joining us along the way).

We were posing for a group pic at the dry cleaner when all of a sudden a car stopped to offer assistance and take our picture! We thanked him and then he took his hat off to reveal a "tiger" colored haircut. Only on a Saturday morning Cyclopath ride can such an event occur. It was just like a Seinfeld episode with a cast of characters. We made our way along the backroads up to the new Stone Soup. Enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Pedaled back in multiple groups. Most of us took Mill Road. Guertin was heard offering, as he pedaled by a yard sale,"I'll buy the yard if you get rid of all the junk!"

It was a nice 31 miles. The sun came out after we completed our ride. At least it was dry enough to ride. (Pic posted soon.)


Tam said...

Thanks for the recap Donna -- and Pics from Lynda. (I'll post them shortly). Running short on time lately -- I have over-committed myself once again.

The encaustic conference was GREAT! (Robin Samiljian was registered -- she's ridden with the Cyclopaths in the past -- but I didn't see her ANY WHERE.) I wanted to skip the morning panel and ride with everyone, but was out late on Friday night at the keynote speech and was TOTALLY BEAT Saturday morning. I tried to get up at 5:30 but then wondered how I was going to make it through the rest of the day by adding a 30 mile ride into the mix. Three days of non-stop action, amazing artists, a flood of new ideas... Today I am a zombie.

Spring Arts Festival is on Sunday -- Thank you to all of the Cyclopaths who are helping me out! I'm starting to have little panic moments trying to pull everything together.


Lisa said...

It will be great to see you Tammy!!