Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hooky Mad Martha's Ride (Weather permitting)

Wed. June 24th. 6:30 am start time. Leaving from Beverly at what used to be McDonald's. Park there or meet there. Plan to ride to Mad Martha's for breakfast and back.


Bruce K said...

Can't make it in the morning. Seminar until noon.

Hopefully the weather will give you a break.


Anonymous said...

Have fun, I'll be "working for the man" drew : )

Tam said...

Looking like rain. :-( Would love to join you but can't leave the kids for that long of a stretch. Also pretty sure that 60 miles isn't in me yet. WOW, I'm so far behind!!! Gotta get back on the bike. Rain, rain, go away!!

Sprocket Girl said...

I don't have enough sick time to take that day off. :-(

But I thought that we were going to do this on an upcoming Saturday?