Monday, June 15, 2009

Gloucester with a "Manchester Option"

We had a beautiful day on Saturday -- a nice break from the gray days we've been having! Feeling optimistic with the sun shining, we all headed north to Gloucester with a "Manchester option", but by the time the group gathered in Prides Crossing, most had decided to skip Gloucester all-together and have breakfast at the Beach Street Cafe. (We are getting so lazy!) On the roads for Saturday's ride were Ethan, Av, Carl, Steve-Bob, Ducky, Paul and Joan, Sheldon, Donna, Paul G., Gail, and Tam. (Anne joined us for part of the way before heading off to loop Annisquam with her daughter -- and Jeff was spotted on the road later in the day.) What a gorgeous day!

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Tam said...

It's been crazy-busy the last few weeks, and slow on the blog. Sorry for the lack of posts this month! I will get photos posted soon.

The season seems to be going so fast and I felt like I was starting over yesterday. Between the broken toe, a wedding, graduation, baseball games, an art conference, etc... I was off the bike for three weeks. Hopefully I'll get back up to speed soon. :-)