Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gloomy Weather Pattern

The weather is looking iffy for Saturday's ride. Extended Weather Forecast: Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of rain. Patchy fog in the morning. Highs in the mid 60s. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph.
Still waiting for summer to arrive!


Sprocket Girl said...

I'll ride for you all, stay home! ;)

400k is this weekend: Hanscom-New Boston NH-Meredith NH-Hillsboro NH-Hanscom.

The latest forecast for Saturday has the patchy fog, maybe some drizzle, then Sat night is when the rain comes in, just in time for me to ride at night. Oh well...

I sure do hope that the weekend after this one has good weather, for Sue's Sea Glass Ride! And for the Saturday Cyclopath ride too. We need some serious HEAT!!

- Lynda

Anonymous said...

to all my friends

all is well in revere and charlestown just busy with family stuff which is good - linda's comment is an interesting link - ann has been looking for a lakefront retreat in NH since her father died (almst 2 years) and just the other day we signed for a great place in Hillsboro NH - she is absolutely crazy about it and hopefully the family will enyot it for many years - on wednesday we drove from revere to hillsboro (2 hours), signed the documents, cleaned a little, i drove to meredith (an hour drive) to visit my mother and then drove back to revere (2 hours)all with 1,000 of my closest motorcycle friends on the roads (bike week) - and no i did not see little dave in the groups?? interesting that sprocket girl is biking that loop and i thought the car ride was a drain!! best of luck and bike safe - the other bikers are all about this weekend as well, sunday Liam is being baptized and tomorrow is mike strong's golf event that i assist at - blessings and peace to all cyclopaths - i start school again 7 6 2009 for 4 weeks intense!! ann tells me that i will be able to relax in NH??


Bruce K said...

Weather report is improving.

Most 4C's are headed to BtoB so I might get up early and drop down tomorrow.

If I miss you guys, please leave a chalk mark as to destination.


Bruce K

Tam said...

We switched to Verizon on Monday and I have had sporadic internet service. Verizon is blaming my mac, which is annoying because I didn't have internet problems on Comcast with the same computer. Email forwarding isn't working out either. WHAT A PAIN. I hope to see you all tomorrow, weather permitting.

Bruce, will try and find some chalk.

Dear Sprocket Girl -- Have a great and safe ride. Will see you next weekend.