Saturday, June 20, 2009

Boxford and Bradley Palmer State Park

Ride report from Donna: Saturday's ride to Boxford followed the infamous Lost Route -- where we lost Margie in Topsfield as she doubled back to find for Sheldon, (who rode our usual route, avoiding the hill and light at the Route 1 crossing.)

There were 12 riders - Dave B. (new from Marblehead), Donna, Ethan, Carl, Av, Sheldon, Sue R., Margie, Joan & Paul, Queen Kathy, and Bruce(!). A Cyclopath first: After stopping in Topsfield at the church that is no longer a church, Joan got onto Carl's bike and was ready to ride. Carl noticed and was able to retrieve his own bike. Breakfast was at Wayne's which is no longer Wayne's. We were joined by Barbara & Bill and Laurie.

The weather held out for us. We pedaled back thru Bradley Palmer Park. It was a very good ride. 33 miles.

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Sprocket Girl said...

Sounds like a wonderful day on the bike for all! I was thinking about (and missing) you all. Can't wait to see y'all next weekend (crossing my fingers for good weather)

- Lynda