Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Witches Cup, August 12th

The Witches Cup returns this summer to Salem Common on Wednesday, August 12th. Hosted by Salem Cycle and Comprehensive Racing, this event features racing at all levels for both men and women -- concluding with a professional race. The day's events will begin at 4 p.m. with the professional race at 6:45 p.m. (Bruce participated in this event last year.)

Visit for complete information.


Bruce K said...

Also a new race in Beverly TBA.

I'll probably pass the racing part and just spectate this year. Those younger guys are REALLY fast.


Ethan Forman said...

Bruce, you're really fast!!I'll probably just spectate, too. They need money for the race. We should take up a collection and help sponsor it. The race costs $15,000 to put the race on. Check out this SALEM NEWS story on the Witches Cup and Salem Cycle's attempt to set up a booze tent on the common. Sheesh! You really have to subscribe to the Salem News, guys. Have I mentioned the Sea Glass ride is Sunday, June 28? Bruce, are you listening? It's Ethan.

Bruce K said...

Yes, Ethan, I hear you.

I plan to be at Sea Glass. I just haven't registered yet.

The beer tent worked great at the Gloucester cyclocross races. The Salem folks are being a little prudish. It's well controlled and the sponsorship would ensure that the race survived for several years.

They say they like the event and want the event so they need to figure out how to make sure it happens. The city sure can't or won't help with $$ or covering police details and such.


Email from Bruce said...


I thought some folks might enjoy checking out the upcoming major bike races in the area:

1. The Witches Cup Criterium will take place on Wednesday, August 12. The 4/5 race starts at 5:45, the Women's race at 6:45 and the Men's Pro, 1, 2 race at 6:45 around Salem Common. More information at

2. The following night, Thursday, August 13, in downtown Beverly, the First Annual Gran Prix of Beverly will take to the streets for another night of crit racing. Men's 4/5 at 4:45, Open Women's at 5:30, Men's Pro, 1, 2 at 6:30 More info at

These races will be bringing local and national Pros to our streets and crits are always fast and furious. There will be exhibitors, food, etc.

The new Centraal Cycles is very near the Start/Finish line in Beverly.


Bruce K said...

Don't forget the GP of Beverly the next night.

A new race on a new course with LOTS of local support.

Several eateries are having outdoor seating just for this race and the new Centraal Cycles will be open late right near the start/finish line.


Bruce K said...

Great racing last night and lots of Cyclopaths.

I saw Donna, Mike B., Carl, and there was even a Sam sighting!!

More fun tonight in Beverly as the GP makes its inaugural appearance.

Check out the racing and check out Centraal Cycles.