Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miscellaneous Notes

Happy Birthday!! to several Cyclopaths celebrating in May -- including Sheldon, Lisa, Donna, Queen Kathy and Bill Indresano!! Anyone else having a birthday this month?

Sending good thoughts and big hugs to Manny and Arlene -- We miss you both and hope to see you soon!

Congrats to Quadzilla Lynda on completing her second(?) brevet in as many months. Lynda completed her 200K in 9 hours, 55 minutes, last weekend. (9 hours in the saddle. Yikes!)

We're taking up a collection to buy Paul G. a few spare tubes to stuff in his back pocket. Paul's been having a tough time lately with the roads.

Say "Hi" to Bruce the next time you see him flying by with the 4C's.

and don't forget to pre-register for this year's Sea Glass Ride, Sunday June 28th.


Cyclopath-Donna said...

More May b-days: Donna, Queen Kathy, Bill Indresano.......

Tam said...

Thanks Donna!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :-)